A place where one can visit and feel the experience of visiting Dwadasha jyotirlingams, The Temple is with Sevala (Banjara Jagadguru) It is located at Antaram vasunayak  Tanda, and just 2KM from Tandur, Rangareddy District Andhrapradesh.

BHUKAILAS" is located in a vast land of 6 acres belonging to "OM NAMAH SHIVAYA CHARITABLE TRUST". The trust is instituted by philanthropic and respectable people of our society. The  Templeis located in Antaram Vasunaik Tanda, Malreddypalli road,Tandur Mandal,Tandur.It is on the main road connecting  Tandur to Chincholi, and 2KM away from the bus stop.




       Hindu Dharma" or "Sanathana Dharma" the earliest religious system known to mankind suggests various means of reaching the ultimate. Of all the paths the first and most known is "Bhaktimarga" and Temples form and important aspect of this marga.

Tandur, a highly developed industrial and cultural city is home for many people belonging to various religions. Any number of Temples are welcome in this modern life of stress, worries and confusion. With a view of creating a place of worship for followers of "Hindu Dharma" it is porposed to construct a Temple complex called BHUKAILAS.

Sevalal Maharaj

Sevya Nayak

Bhukailas Temple